Tuesday, October 08, 2013

American Adults Score low in International Tests

American adults resemble their children in chronic lack of how-to old-fashioned Yankee know-how.

When I was Vice Consul in Lyon, my boss Peter Tarnoff read of a study that showed that American workers were overall more literate than French labor at the same level. Members of the U.S. work-force had double the amount of words at their disposal on average than their French counterparts.

This is still true, according to the latest study, with France, Spain, Poland, Ireland and Italy lagging behind. However, the build-up of a giant educational bureaucracy in the US which spends profligately on layer-after-layer of unnecessary bureaucrats is impeding the actual teaching of the three R's. Instead, a barmy version of sociology is imparted that hate-crimes bullying and all sorts of recreational and social customs that are deemed 'hateful' by elitist extremist busybodies.

Don't expect to read anything about this among the elitist eunuch media courtiers surrounding Obeyme and his media-fed firewall of spinners and prevaricators.

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