Monday, February 18, 2013

Ted Cruz Isn't The Problem With The Senate:

Pareene's story is both fair and balance, although he blames "narrow-minded Tea Party extremists" while ignoring the 800-lb. gorilla of narrow-minded left-wing extremism that the majority of Senate Democrats are guilty of protecting in spite of disagreeing with their more fervent colleagues. Ted Cruz is a man who believes strongly in his principles and fearlessly enunciates them, which is another problem most GOP & Dem Senators have with him. And Cruz is relatively open to unpopular programs to some GOP Senators, like Immigration Reform. In this case, give the devil his due and admit that Cruz may say things people disagree with, but he disdains the Kabuki theatre that passes for normal Senate "comity."
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GW said...

I have been saying for decades that the biggest problem on the right is communications - the lack of passion and the willingness to defend principle. Regean had it, he's dead. Gingrich has it, but he is damaged goods and not in Congress. Cruz is the only other - and my lord is he a much needed breath of fresh air.