Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Letterman, O'Reilly Square Off

Actually, the two didn't really square off because Letterman didn't challenge Bill-O except to back off as soon as O'Reilly showed a commanding knowledge of every subject the serial dunce-host moron of the eponymous Letterman show dared to raise.

O'Reilly bounced Letterman's noggin around so hard that the dizzy host forgot the subjects he himself had raised at the beginning of the guest's appearance.

When O'Reilly reminded Letterman of the final subject [after showing L's ignorance of Lincoln & every other subject on the agenda] which was gun control, Letterman showed astounding ignorance by accusing the AR-15 of being an AUTOMATIC weapon, when it's a semi-automatic. O'Reilly corrected his dunce-host by reminding DL that ALL automatic weapons are ILLEGAL in the USA.

Letterman asked the question why anyone would want to allow a semi-automatic and O'Reilly answered that he had a home in Starr County, Texas close to the border where narcotics traffickers routinely carry such semi-automatic weapons to protect their drugs. After Bill-O mentioned the 3500 miles of border between San Diego & Brownsville, Letterman stupidly questioned "how many traffickers, a thousand?"

When BO'R responded 'many more than that, in his usual cretinous mode, DL said, well then the Border Patrols can stop them with AR-15s or get the Army to back them up...!

It was totally apparent that DL had no knowledge of the subject of gun control except the rote DNC talking points, which left out the really relevant aspects of the problem.

It's easy to understand now why Letterboy is the darling of the MSM lapdogs and only has Bill-O on once every three months or so to boost ratings.

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