Sunday, November 16, 2014

Is an Obama Immigration Amnesty for "Undocumented Aliens" legal?

Ross Douthat won't be keeping his Op-Ed slot in the tabloid NYT for long, as he commits the heresy of constitutional common sense on its ridiculous lapdog statist nonsense site. Ross convincingly argues that Obama will be ignoring the will of the electorate [because only one-third showed up at the polls!], making Nixon's "Silent Majority" argument---a fact that the elitists probably haven't even figured out. Sadly, Mitch McConnell has already stolen a page from Obama's preemptive capitulation script by saying what the new Senate WON'T do. [At least Mitch is not drawing a "red line" that he will ignore like Obama did on gassing Syrians---which has convinced the world that Obama is the fraud that cannot be feared.]

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