Sunday, March 02, 2014

Another Holodomor? 19th Century Rules? Kerry shows his yellow state of mind.

The Holodomor was the series of catastrophes that first the Soviets and then the Germans visited upon Ukraine. Millions died of starvation in the '20's and purges in the '30's by the malignant tumor named Stalin.

Then came Hitler and millions more died, mostly Jewish Ukrainians.

Now Putin is threatening a third slaughter of Ukrainians, as he annexes Crimea just as Hitler "annexed" Sudetenland before swallowing all Czechoslovakia.

Now a cowardly POTUS and his grandiose lapdog Kerry threaten "sanctions" and Obama's absence from the upcoming G-8 meeting in Sochi this summer. Obama is certainly "leading from behind" and House Intel Chief Rogers is right when he says Putin is playing chess and Obama "marbles."

The reason Obama doesn't call the rest of the G-8 to call for the ejection of Russia from the body and cancellation of the Sochi meetings is the NONE of our "allies" take Obama seriously after his "red line" fiasco in Syria.

Thanks to Obama, the United States is now a second-tier actor on the world stage and we all better get used to it. Timothy Snyder, acclaimed author of Bloodlands showing Ukraine's sufferings since the Soviet takeover has the best analysis.

Left unsaid by all is the Ukrainian West's total determination to resist Russian domination which has murdered millions of their majority Catholic Uniate and its other minority citizens since 1917.

Russian Orthodoxy is the fig leaf supposedly hiding Putin's naked aggression.Edward Lucas, author of The New Cold War, emphasizes Obama and the EU's "postmodern" views on foreign policy as journeys into a liberal la-la land where everybody gets trophies.

Lucas says that Western banks enabling Russian corrupt oligarchs, including Putin, are as big a factor in Putin's calculations as irredentist territorial ambitions.

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