Thursday, January 23, 2014

State Department Malfeasance Bordering on Treason

Patrick Kennedy is Undersecretary of State for Management and a nasty littles specimen ever since I clashed with him decades ago in my decade-long FSO career.

The WSJ has an article by the DCM of the Embassy in Libya Gregory Hicks pinning the blame on Kennedy for replacing diplomatic security [Americans] with Libyan mercenaries, a disastrous outsourcing in a flammable environment. At the first outbreak on Sept 11th, they disappeared.

Of course, had Kennedy ever served overseas in a dangerous environment, as I had in Vietnam and Beirut and Saudi Arabia, this career desk jockey would have had a sense of the undependability of local militias. But Kennedy knew better, of course.

Don't expect this expert in equivocation to suffer any punishment. He and his feckless boss Hilary have a future to protect. Ditching Kennedy would implicitly confer some sense of accountability to a silly collection of affirmative action diplomats which make the US the laughingstock of the planet as Obama messes up sixty years of success with his amateur hour diplomacy. The Vietnam war hero [!] Kerry will continue the cover-up.

The cover-up of Benghazi will make Watergate look like the burglary it was. Nobody died at Watergate.

And the fact that the Benghazi cover-up was instrumental in getting Obama elected to a second term makes this a crime against the US Constitution.

Not that the Democratic tabloids like the NYT and the WaPo have any respect for the Constitution…!

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