Thursday, October 20, 2011

Let the Dogs Eat His Bones!!!

Qaddafi is dead and all's just a little bit better on the planet. The curse in my headline is the worst one can use on a dead Muslim, according to the Chechens who have been fighting the Russians [for centuries, it seems].

My favorite Qaddafi story was from Basil Tsakos, a Greek arms dealer who was trying to close a deal on a sale of half-tracks to the Libyan loon. He had a personal appointment just around twilight, and was seated in a chair in the very end of a long tent with lights on the ground shining upward and illuminating the white silk of the long rectangular tent. Tsakos told me that there was a very long and expensive-looking white runner of a rug along the 150 feet of the tent, only about a yard and a half wide.

Tsakos waited and waited and waited and it wasn't until around 1100PM that he spied the tall figure of Col. Qaddafi striding all the way down the white rug with the lights shining up into his DIAPHANOUS silk see-through robe. He was wearing NOTHING beneath.

Needless to say, they conducted their business in an atmosphere of utter eerie sexual tension [though Tsakos was in his fifties at the time, he says.] Watching this forty-year old walking 50 yards down a long runway rug with lights shining up onto his naked body proved to Tsakos that Qaddafi was either a madman or a pervert---probably both.

Again, may dogs eat this murderous freak's bones.

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