Friday, March 05, 2010

Stark Follows Rangel to the Ethical Toxic Waste Dump. Corrupt Black Caucus Still Supports Rangel

Pete Stark is Charlie Rangel without self-control. One of his long-time aides told me that Charlie had fathered five children out of wedlock by five different mothers, but was doing the right thing by overseeing their lives as an over-the-horizon parent. Stark fits into a more usual Dem stereotype of all-out crook with anger, er, management issues.

Pelosi is doing her best to dumb down the House to her level of incompetence, keeping Harvard grad Jane Harman off the Chair of the Special Cte on Intelligence because Jane was smarter, better looking, and has a streak of independence called morality. Instead, the class-dunce Pelosi [aside from her highly-developed Medici genes] appoints an ESL moron from Texas with less seniority than Harman, but also dumber than Pelosi, a hard combination to find.

The CBC or Corrupt Black Caucus still supports Rangel, among other reasons because their life bios mirror his in the ethics department, where they are virtually unassailable as a bloc of thirty who will steal everything that isn't nailed down with impunity. I worked for William Clay, Sr., in St. Louis back in the day as a campaign organizer and found afterwards that the guy is a total crook. Ditto for his twenty-nine colleagues in the CBC.

I once leafletted Sander Levin's house back in 1968 while working in Ann Arbor for Gene McCarthy, and although the unions run Sander, he isn't personally corrupt like the CBC and Stark and others in the Dem squirearchy at the very top of the pile of shit comprising the Dem majority, soon to be diminished drastically.

FOOTNOTE: Ever notice that the Dems always pull out homey anecdotes like Louise Slaughter's false teeth and Tom Harkin's "farmer" named Smith from Buffalo Grove, IA? Harkin is a corrupt old liar, to be sure, but it turns out that for once a media hound actually looked into the "farmer's" pedigree, which happened to be that of a brother of one of Harkin's employees. The fossil has no shame and at least Jim Bunning did something on principle, which is a word not in Harkin's vocabulary.

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