Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Obama Hits 50% DISAPPROVAL RATE while 47% approve

USATODAY is no longer the highest circulation newspaper in the dead-tree world, having been passed by Rupert Murdoch's Wall Street Journal recently. And this may be why its poll is more honest and straightforwqrd than the left-leaning garbage outfits like Harris churn out with bogus slanted questions designed to make the GOP bad. Maybe recent articles by Upchuck Blow and Roger Cohen in the NYT exhibiting symptoms of extreme dementia and half-assed "thinking" are why the New York Times circulation keeps sinking by about 5%/annum as it approaches selling only ONE/THIRD as many dailies as the WSJ!!! Pinch Sulzberger with his crack-addicted staff of Bong-toker Keller and skank/whore Abramson are literally scuttling the old grey derelict as it heads for the scrapyard of history.

USATODAY buries the lede below the fold:
Obama's approval rating was 47%-50% — the first time his disapproval rating has hit 50%.

Ashamed of its own integrity, another giant indicator of a colossal Dem blunder is buried deeeeep in the story:
There was a strong reaction against the tactics Democratic leaders used to pass the bill. A 53% majority call Democratic methods "an abuse of power;" 40% say they are appropriate.

And when asked about incidents of vandalism and threats that followed the bill's passage, Americans are more inclined to blame Democratic political tactics than critics' harsh rhetoric. Forty-nine percent say Democratic tactics are "a major reason" for the incidents, while 46% blame criticism by conservative commentators and 43% the criticism of Republican leaders.

What is the superlative of Pyrrhic victory? Pyrrhicest or most Pyrrhic?

The Democrats ought to examine the grammar as well as their own tiny deformed consciences!!!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Gallup Shows 50% of Americans consider Obamacare a "bad thing."

The state-controlled media hasn't quite managed to control Gallup yet, so a poll yesterday shows a MAJORITY of respondents consider the monstrous unconstitutional mess passed by Queen Botox and the Pickininny Twins [Harry & the Negro] a "bad" thing.

I think numbers like that will make good campaign fodder for the Republicans to take over the House and show the Botox biyotch the door---sadly, it looks like Michael Steele cannot control his own inner negro and is starting to behave like a Black Caucus Crime Syndicate member, with a private jet no less.

Maybe {T]axed [E]nough [A]lready is the way to go!?!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Fox Cable & TV Network Both on Top, Cable Dominates

Roger Ailes is the uncrowned king of TV or at least TV news on cable. Phil Rosenthal of the Chicago Tribune writes:

Much as Fox News Channel's commentators, such as Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck, overshadow its news reporting in the public's mind, Ailes' cable news outlet (and the whopping $700 million or so it adds to the bottom line) tends to eclipse the rest of his purview in Rupert Murdoch's News Corp. empire.

Ailes is also chairman of the Twentieth Television and Fox Television Stations, which includes the Chicago duopoly of WFLD-Ch. 32 and WPWR-Ch. 50. As head of the station group, he'll be part of the decision whether Fox Broadcasting will sign former "Tonight Show" host Conan O'Brien. The move will hinge in part on whether it can be cost-effective.

"We all like Conan," Ailes said. "It's an arithmetic problem."

Additionally, Ailes is chairman and CEO of Fox Business Network, which he launched 21/2 years ago as a challenge to NBC Universal's CNBC, which he turned into a moneymaker back in the 1990s. He believes Fox Business is less than two years from the black.

I only wish our home's Comcast carried Fox Business or I'd be watching that too....! It is simply amazing how the state-controlled news networks and dead-tree papers are losing eyeballs and readers while the News Corp.'s Fox network and cable eat the opposition alive, with the exception of CBS on the nets. American Idol and several other creative programs like Fringe and Human Target keep coming up with great TV fare, and the cable news commentators are the only ones to challenge the DNC talking point version of political events that the stenographer nets like ABC, NBC & CBS plus CNN & the MessNBC trainwreck peddles shamelessly as "news." Someone should instruct them on the difference between editorial comment and news content, since the ole-timey nets keep peddling hooey and losing viewers.

Living fossil Howard Raines makes even more of a fool of himself than when he hired Jason LNU to file stories made up of whole cloth. Get what this shit-canned failure has to say:

Former New York Times Executive Editor Howell Raines, in a March 14 Washington Post essay, asked, "Why haven't America's old-school news organizations blown the whistle on Roger Ailes, chief of Fox News, for using the network to conduct a propaganda campaign against the Obama administration?"

Ailes is dismissive of Raines ("All the other channels apparently give him what he wants," he said) and even more so of the notion that Fox News has not faced criticism.

"That's hysterical," Ailes said. "Fox has taken more incoming; we have a bigger bull's-eye on us than anybody. What he's upset about is we haven't been hit." Obama, whose administration took flak from other news operations last year when it tried to isolate Fox News, last week sat for an interview with the channel's Bret Baier.

Of course, the nets and cable clowns who dutifully parrot the Obama Party Line like Agitpreppie halfwits have been blowing whistles and finger-pointing Fox News for years, only to see Ailes' handiwork rise in the ratings until the Fox cable evening prime time laps ALL FOUR opponents at once, frequently pulling in double what the lame-o quarterwits at CNN & MessNBC can muster in an evening.

Now Howell can go back to his uneasy retirement and experience hysterical foam-at-the-mouth brain seizures as the Wall Street Journal gains paid subscriptions way over 2 million daily while the fishwrap birdcage lining he used to edit sinks below 800K a day toward flatline city.

It couldn't happen to a more deserving exit of an NYT alimentary canal.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

What We Can Expect from Socialized Medicine

Theodore Dalrymple is a medical doctor who is also a compassionate and insightful writer concerning the insane downward spiral a country experiences when it decides to take over medical care of the entire country, and his experience in the UK is echoed by a Labor [Dem in US parlance] minister in the Blair government who now can speak the truth:
Americans would do well to ponder a recent admission by a former British minister in the Blair government. On March 2, the Guardian reported that the ex-minister, now Lord Warner, said that while spending on Britain’s National Health Service had increased by 60 percent under the Labour government, its output had decreased by 4 percent. No doubt the spending of a Soviet-style organization like the NHS is more easily measurable than its output, but the former minister’s remark certainly accords with the experiences of many citizens, who see no dramatic improvement in the service as a result of such vastly increased outlays. On the contrary, while the service has taken on 400,000 new staff members—that is to say, one-fifth of all new jobs created in Britain during the period—continuity of medical care has been all but extinguished. Nobody now expects to see the same doctor on successive occasions, in the hospital or anywhere else.

That's just for starters and the hysterical leftists who pushed this abominable monstrosity through US Congress should all have to memorize this article before they are kicked out of office this November. Not that the Dems had read the original bill in the first place. What I liked the most about John Boehner's calling the slipshod sloppy lazy-ass Dems out from the rostrum was for not even reading the bill, which the illiterate CBC members were incapable of anyway. But the British example is instructive:

The ex-minister admitted that most of the extra money—which by now must equal a decent proportion of the total national debt—had been simply wasted. (The same might be said, of course, of the increased outlays put toward state education.) But his explanation for this state of affairs was superficial and self-exculpating, to say the least: he said that the NHS received more money than it knew what to do with because of managerial inexperience. “It was like giving a starving man foie gras and caviar,” he said.

Of course, wasteful spending is no surprise for someone who worked in the Federal government for over a decade, as I did in the State Department in several foreign countries, overseeing in a couple the military and direct aid projects in their sausage-making final stages. Waste and USG "assistance programs" are synonymous. But Dalrymple all but admits that for all practical purposes, the much derided "death panels" are a facet of the British NHS as a doctor follows government guidelines rather than his own best judgment in diagnosis and treatment problems:

As it happens, the NHS knew exactly what to do with the money: give it to its staff, new and old. British doctors, for example, are now the second-highest-paid in the world, though not necessarily the happiest. They have accepted the money on condition that they also accept—as quietly as mice—increasing government interference in their work. When you go to a family doctor in Britain, he is more likely to do what the government thinks he ought to do and will pay him a bonus for doing than what he thinks is right. This is sinister, even when what the government thinks is right happens to be right.

This is moral corruption at its most dangerous---the health of the tax-paying citizen is subordinated to NHS "guidelines" set by anonymous officials for political and budgetary reasons, not to cure the illness of the citizen. Dalrymple has worked in UK hospitals all over the country and he believes the meretricious dishonesty all leads to a complete breakdown of any rational or humane goals in the NHS health program, which has now become a cash cow bribing doctors to forget about their own training and diagnosis.

There is a possible explanation other than managerial inexperience for the waste, namely that the waste was intended and desired: indeed, that it was the principal object of the spending. Experience has long shown that further spending by state-monopoly suppliers of services (if services is quite the word I seek) benefits not the consumers but the providers. And they—ever more numerous—naturally vote for their own providers, the politicians. Thus the NHS has become an enormously expensive method of ballot-stuffing. Personally, I would rather have outright electoral fraud. It would be less expensive and slightly more honest.

Just before the last election, the chief executive of one of the hospitals in which I once worked was overheard saying, “My job is to make sure that the government is reelected.” (The government’s job, in turn, was to make sure that she remained chief executive.) She also explained that the hospital could expect no increase in its government funding, unlike other hospitals—because it was located in an area in which most people voted for the government anyway.

So now the USA can expect the national health care system to be taken over by cadres of SEIU thugs who enforce political correctness like the commissars of Stalin's USSR, minus of course the gulags which would be very un-British who prefer to muddle through their intermittent periods of national fecklessness. I would say that the latest of which periods [perhaps the Regency of George III was an earlier example in the social-moral sense] began with the election of Clement Atlee in 1945 by an nation exhausted by six years of heroic resistance to Nazi tyranny. But now the US might mimic the UK as a nation no longer willing to be a world power and ready to relax into slacker carelessness. In the UK, it was the ueber-Labor TUC's "I'm all right, Jack" socialism which rotted the intestinal fortitude of the UK until Margaret Thatcher gave it a brief reprieve from its downward slide into mediocre lassitude.

In the USA, it will be Andy Stern and the SEIU along with other union juggernauts which will guide Dem policy-making and reduce our foreign policy to retreat from terrorist threats and abandoning our true allies like Israel to flirt with the Castros and Chavezes and Putins and Ahmedinejads who reflect Obama's socialist statist autocratic goals more than the messy Knesset or the Honduras Supreme Court.

Like Kipling at the Diamond Jubilee in 1897, we should ask our poet laureate to compose an American "Recessional" from greatness and a unique way of life.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Barack Obama Suffers From "Narcissistic Personality Disorder"

Oh what a good boy am I!

Narcissistic Personality Disorder is defined in the DSM-IV as

a mental disorder in which people have an inflated sense of their own importance and a deep need for admiration. Those with narcissistic personality disorder believe that they're superior to others and have little regard for other people's feelings. But behind this mask of ultra-confidence lies a fragile self-esteem, vulnerable to the slightest criticism.

An acutely inteiligent commenter on Ann Althouse gave the link and it seems utterly appropriate to this second-rate one-term wonder.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Paternalistic Ideology Or Nanny-State Diaper/Enema Fixation?: Rep. Ryan Wants to Know Why Dems Chose Diapers & Enemas.

Rep. Ryan's a Highbrow With Huge Pre-Frontal Lobes

Rep. Paul Ryan represents my native state of Wisconsin, in the same district former DoD Secretary Les Aspin represented---Kenosha, Racine, Janesville. The First District in WI has always been out of step with prevailing mindlessness in DC. Hollyweird Immortal Orson Welles and movie star/crooner Don Ameche were born in the friendly confines, as was hero of The Game in 1958, Baltimore Colts Fullback-of-the-Century Alan Ameche, who crushed the New York Giants' hope for an NFL championship in the contest which turn football rather than baseball into our national obsession.

Paul has distinguished himself in the six terms he's served so far to the extent that Obama has been said to consider Ryan a one-man think tank on health care as well as other complex legislative Gordian knots strewn before a Twenty-First Century Congress---a very interesting compliment from Professor-in-Chief cum POTUS Obama. Heeeeere's Paul Ryan:

Through any analytical lens, the legislation will not address the central problem of skyrocketing health-care costs. The Congressional Budget Office estimates that families' premiums could rise 10 to 13 percent; private-sector actuarial estimates top these already high numbers. The higher costs are driven by federalizing the regulation of insurance, narrowing consumers' options and reducing competition among providers. The health-care market would be dominated by government programs and the largest insurance companies, operating as de facto government utilities.

Rather than tackle the drivers of health inflation, the legislation chases the ever-increasing premiums with huge new subsidies. Already, Washington has no idea how to pay for the unfunded promises in Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security -- and creating this new entitlement would accelerate our path to fiscal ruin. When you strip away the double-counting, expose the hidden costs that must be funded and look at the price tag when the legislation is fully implemented, the claims of deficit reduction are as hollow as claims of cost containment.

Ryan's crisply-written pellucid prose makes the scrambled-egg verbiage of philosophical spaghetti the Democrats deliver from their short-order chefs look even more opaque and gooey than their muddled cooking process-oriented legislative mindset usually turns out:

This legislation includes a range of job-killing tax hikes and controls on all Americans -- to fund this new entitlement and to penalize employers and individuals who don't play by Washington's new rules. The CBO said last July that "requiring employers to offer health insurance, or pay a fee if they do not, is likely to reduce employment." The mix of mandates and higher costs will drive Americans into government exchanges, with an ever-enlarging number reliant upon taxpayer subsidies for their care. The architecture is designed to give the government greater control over what kind of insurance is available, how much health care is enough and which treatments are worth paying for.

The debacle of the past year's "debate" has been a missed opportunity for real reform. Democrats and Republicans alike have put forward proposals that address the drivers of health-care costs, yet they have been ignored in this sharply partisan crusade. House Republicans continue to offer common-sense solutions, with specific legislation. Last May, Sens. Tom Coburn and Richard Burr and Rep. Devin Nunes and I collaborated to address rising costs while securing access to quality, affordable health coverage for all Americans. The Patients' Choice Act takes on the discriminatory and inflationary tax exclusion, delinking the tax benefit from employers and attaching it to individuals through universal tax credits. The tax exclusion for employer-provided health coverage subsidizes insurance instead of health care, hides the true cost of coverage and disproportionately favors the wealthy at the expense of the self-employed, the unemployed and small businesses. Health-care economists across the political spectrum and reform-minded Democrats such as Sen. Ron Wyden identify the backward tax treatment of health care as a problem that must be addressed.

The Patients' Choice Act includes additional reforms -- such as an emphasis on preventive care, medical malpractice reform and interstate shopping -- that could be advanced one at a time in a bipartisan fashion to fix what's broken in health care without breaking what is working.

Ryan's sad summary of the Democrats' demolition derby political habits condense Si, se puede 's childish enthusiasm into the juvenile delinquency of majority-plus-one smash-and-grab politics.

This year I re-introduced my own proposals to tackle our entitlement crisis head-on. My plan, "A Roadmap for America's Future," fulfills the mission of health and retirement security, lifts our crushing burden of debt, and spurs economic growth and job creation. In stark contrast to the vision being pushed by the majority in Congress, my plan unapologetically seeks to apply our nation's timeless principles -- our Founders' commitment to individual liberty, limited government and free enterprise -- to today's challenges. It does so in a way that honors our historic commitment to strengthening the social safety net for those who need it most.

If this debate had actually been about health care, we could have worked together to get a grip on costs, make quality care more accessible, address exclusions for preexisting conditions and realign the incentives of insurance companies with those of patients and doctors. Yet this process -- including its embarrassing conclusion -- demonstrates that the debate has never been about health-care policy but, instead, paternalistic ideology.

Should the Democrats' health-care train wreck make it to the president's desk, it will be a pyrrhic victory, and its devastating consequences will take their toll on our health-care system, our budget and our economy.

The toll might exceed King Pyhrrus's slaughtered soldiery in its long-term body count.

UPDATE: The American Spectator says Mark Levin and other superior "Constitutional Lawyers" [as opposed to "community organizer B-Listers"] might get this pathetic attempt at Grand Theft Larceny before the SCOTUS & kill the infant in its crib.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Andy McCarthy: Legal and Media Mafias Target America

NPR Online blows an ueberleftie LAT writer named Kathleen Hennessy to shreds for barfing on the shoes of Ginni Thomas [wife of SCOTUS justice Clarence].

Which brings to mind the infection of the Dem Party called lawyeritis.

I've been writing a lot lately about the disconnect between the American legal profession and the American mainstream. The legacy media is no different from the bar on this score. Because of that, it is shriveling into extinction. It can't survive on a competitive playing field by enraging its consumer base — the only potential savior on the horizon is the possibility of a bail-out by our current Leftist government (i.e., Democrats forcing the public to underwrite what the public doesn't want to buy). Today is just the latest example of why it is heading downn the tubes. That's one part of the silver lining. The other is that the hit piece is likely to have the opposite effect from what the Times intended.

Yep, Sotomayor and Ginsberg can spew ultra-left agitprop and get nominated and elevated to a Dem administration's SCOTUS [Ginsburg unanimously because Bob Dole confused being a gentleman and a political leader].

Reagan and the two Bushes on the other hand escaped the disease called law school, though RWR did a stint in the media which taught him what a RICO-racketeering crime spree the MSM and Hollyweird pull off on a daily basis. As Andy notes about the latest abortion the LAT pulled off:

The Court's ballyhooed "impartiality" is only threatened because a conservative male justice is married to a conservative woman who has a life and career of her own, which was once thought to be the feminist ideal.

All this because Ginni decided to open an informal Tea Party network! Quel horreur!

Of course, Hennessy would have been okay with an ACORN underage prostitution ring from Costa Rica, because that's who she and her LAT sidekicks believe are the real heroes in the politics of cacique-pimp victimless crimes.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Transparency: Pelosi Style.

Miss Piggy at Rest

Pelosi's Pig in a Poke is the op-ed title with the airhead quote ""We have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it," worthy of John Kerry or Joe Biden, or Obama sans teleprompter.

The corrupt farce AKA ObamaCare stumbles and lurches its way, hopefully toward oblivion, while the Dems start talking about extra-constitutional hi-jinks like "The Slaughter Option," named for the feckless denture queen of the Bronx, which would pass the Senate Bill through the House by "deeming" it appropriate. Sounds so absolutely desperate that it resembles the Enabling Act of 1933 [Godwin Alert!] which ushered in young Adolf with the nodding approval of war hero Hindenburg. Just call the Dems' recent outing of Massa and "temporary" demotion of Charlie Rangel a new politics of Magical Realism. Here's the WSJ's Taranto:

Pelosi is not alone in equating knowledge of the bill's contents to enactment of it. Consider the lead paragraph of this Associated Press dispatch about Sen. Blanche Lincoln of Arkansas, who cast the deciding vote allowing passage of the Senate's version of ObamaCare;

A moderate Democrat insisted Tuesday she remained opposed to pushing a health care bill through the Senate with a simple majority vote, despite saying she wanted to see what was in the legislation[my emph].

These people are trying to sell us a pig in a poke. Actually, that's not quite right: They've failed to sell us a pig in a poke. At nearly every opportunity, voters have responded to the ObamaCare sales pitch by shouting "No!"--even going so far as to elect a Republican to the Senate from Massachusetts.

But if Pelosi and President Obama have their way, we will get their pig, and will we ever pay for it. Is it any wonder that, as the Associated Press reports, "Americans have come to detest Congress ever more deeply as it nears the end of a nasty fight over health care"?

Michael Barone is less cutting, but more thorough in his dissection of the Health Care corpse.

In fall 2009, Democrats could have pivoted on health care to craft a popular bill or a watered-down unpopular bill to be passed by a bipartisan safe-seat coalition. Instead, they plunged ahead and rammed through unpopular bills on party-line votes.

Pelosi got a 220-215 margin in the House in November after accepting an amendment by Rep. Bart Stupak that banned funding of abortions.

In the Senate in December, Majority Leader Harry Reid predictably had to pay a high price -- the Cornhusker kickback and the Louisiana purchase -- for the 59th and 60th votes. That's always the case when you need 60 out of 60.

Scott Brown's election in January in Massachusetts deprived Reid of his 60th vote. The only way forward for the Democrats is for the House to pass the Senate bill and then trust the Senate to fix it through the reconciliation process. Pelosi has had six weeks to get the votes for that and hasn't done so yet.

It's beginning to look like the goal of health care legislation was a bridge too far. There's a reason it's hard to pass unpopular legislation on party-line votes. It's not the Senate rules. It's called democracy.

David Broder closes the door on the horrific deficits being run up by Congress which passed a "pay-as-you-go" plan & then immediately junked it, leaving poor Jim Bunning as the lone honest man in the den of thieves, and for holding out on a "jobs bill" that Reid had reneged the p-a-y-g provision, was roundly scolded by the creepy Andrea Mitchells of DC. Broder mimics Cassandra:
The record of the Washington politicians is summarized in the report that came out of the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) last week. That nonpartisan scorekeeper announced that it projects the cumulative national debt to increase in the next decade by $9.8 trillion.

That unimaginable (and indigestible) sum is more than a trillion dollars higher than the Obama administration's estimate. It means a lower future standard of living for Americans because of vastly increased debt.

As Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin, the senior Republican on the House Budget Committee, pointed out in his commentary on the CBO report, it projects the annual cost of interest on the debt to rise from $209 billion this year to $916 billion by 2020.

Most of that debt is now held overseas by nations such as China and Japan, so we are draining huge sums from ourselves and handing them to others to use in buying us up -- or competing against us.

That is the story that has been written and is still unfolding in Washington, with budgets shaped by both Democrats and Republicans. It is a saga of national ruin.

Our national fortune is being looted by the RICO syndicate called the House and Senate, with a lot of help from the president. And Broder points this out in straightforward prose:

While the federal government was handing out tax rebates and now is preparing to extend many of the Bush-era tax cuts, 13 states were raising personal income taxes, 17 were passing sales tax and various business tax increases and 22 were lifting excise taxes on tobacco, alcohol or gasoline.

California, with chronic budget problems, a Democratic-controlled Legislature and a Republican governor, bit the bullet and temporarily raised its income tax rate across the board and its sales tax by 1 percent and also lifted its vehicle tax.

All the states except Vermont operate with a constitutional requirement that they balance their budgets. But I was reminded again during the governors' conference how different the psychology is in the state capitals and in Washington.

Governors live in the real world, where budgets mean something more than a formula for shifting burdens to the next generation and where there is much less room for partisan game-playing.

So starting in 2020, we will be paying a $trillion each year to finance the pig in the poke that Queen Botox is keeping from our eyes until the bill passes. She will be dead physically as well as morally by then, perhaps, but her legacy and that of this sophomoric president will be hemorrhaging money overseas at the rate of $3billion a day.

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

British versus Canadian Death Panels: Who's Deadliest?

Kane Gorny is another victim of the Brit National Health Service and its "lazy nurses" who wouldn't give him water at his hospital bed, allowing him to die of dehydration:

A man of 22 died in agony of dehydration after three days in a leading teaching hospital.
Kane Gorny was so desperate for a drink that he rang police to beg for their help.
They arrived on the ward only to be told by doctors that everything was under control.
The next day his mother Rita Cronin found him delirious and he died within hours.
She said nurses had failed to give him vital drugs which controlled fluid levels in his body. 'He was totally dependent on the nurses to help him and they totally betrayed him.' Kane, aged 11. He worked for Waitrose and had been a keen footballer and runner until he was diagnosed with a brain tumour the year before his death
A coroner has such grave concerns about the case that it has been referred to police.
Sources say they are investigating the possibility of a corporate manslaughter charge against St George's Hospital in Tooting, South London. Mr Gorny, from Balham, worked for Waitrose and had been a keen footballer and runner until he was diagnosed with a brain tumour the year before his death.

As the Toronto Sun demonstrates, Canadian Death Panels also abhor brain tumors:
Suffering from brain cancer, Kent Pankow was literally forced to go to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn. for lifesaving surgery — at a cost to family and friends of $106,000 — after the health-care system in Alberta left him hanging in bureaucratic limbo for 16 crucial days, his tumour meanwhile migrating to an unreachable part of the brain, while it dithered over his case file, ultimately deciding he was not surgery worthy.

Now, with the Mayo Clinic having done what the Alberta Cancer Board wouldn’t authorize or even explain, but with the tumour unable to be totally removed, the province will now not fund the expensive drug, Avastin, that the Mayo prescribed to keep him alive and keep the remaining tumour from increasing in size — despite the costs of the drug being totally funded by the province for other forms of cancer.

Kent Pankow, as it turns out, has the right disease but he has it in the wrong place.

Had he lung cancer, breast cancer, or colon cancer, then the cost of the drug — $4,555 per treatment, two times a month — would be totally covered by Alberta’s version of OHIP.

But he doesn’t. And so he is not only a victim of brain cancer, he is also a victim of arbitrary discrimination.

Canada's death panels are already notorious for forcing one of the 10 Provincial Premiers to go to the USA for his open-heart surgery, as the primitive Canuck health service isn't up to world standards. And the Sun admits this:
Our supposedly universal federal health care system, the pride of most Canadians and the political struggle of America, is only as good as the length of the waiting line and whether you have the right disease at the right time.

After writing more than 150 letters to everyone from the prime minister to virtually all health authorities both federal and provincial, and being ignored in return, Kent Pankow’s wife, Deborah Hurford, decided to finally go public......“When Kent goes for his Avastin IV injection, he sits next to patients who receive the same drug for free because they have another type of cancer — like colon cancer,” Hurford says.

“Brain tumour patients deserve the same rights as other cancer patients, including access to the same lifesaving treatments — and without additional costs.

“I can’t begin to tell you how frustrated, angry, disgusted and appalled I am with both the Alberta health system and the individuals within the system who continue to perpetuate such an archaic and inhumane approach to the treatment of patients.” she says. “It seems like they are doing everything in their power to ensure that Kent succumbs to an early and unnecessary death.”

“The Avastin is working. The size of the remaining tumour has remained static since October,” she says. “But how can anyone afford almost $10,000 a month for a drug — even if it is saving a loved one’s life?”

Highlighted above is the hand of the Canuck death panel, which discriimates, as does the Brit version of a "national health service," against brain cancer victims.

Of course, Kate Sebelius and her moronic minions don't know or care about anyone over 65, as long as they can decrease their Medicare benefits and send them to an early grave, which IS WHAT OBAMACARE IS ALL ABOUT!!!

Saturday, March 06, 2010

EU Fears the Greeks Even When Bearing Them Gifts

A German Newspaper reminds the Greeks on how to behave as adults.
If you're reading this, you've entered a country different from yours. You're in Germany.

Here, people work until they are 67 and there is no 14th-month salary for civil servants. Here, nobody needs to pay a €1,000 bribe to get a hospital bed in time.

Our petrol stations have cash registers, taxi drivers give receipts and farmers don't swindle EU subsidies with millions of non-existent olive trees.

Germany also has high debts but we can settle them. That's because we get up early and work all day.

We want to be friends with the Greeks. That's why since joining the euro, Germany has given your country €50bn.

The "non-existent olive trees" refers to Greek dishonest reporting of agricultural assets to gain EU subsidies. Greek taxi drivers are notorious crooks in general and feed off tourists by cheating them. And the Greek work ethic is more of a job ethic---you show up at "work," hang your coat over your chair, and then go out to earn a second salary while your bureaucratic slot earns a paycheck. Mexico has the same system.

Strikes and attacks on Parliament have caused the Greek Finance Minister Papaconstantinou to tell the EUrotards that
European allies should now act to pledge aid should Greece need help financing its growing debt. “Obviously, the EU must undertake responsibility, which it hasn’t done yet,” he told lawmakers. EU nations are working on a contingency rescue plan for Greece to be funded by European governments, according to two people briefed yesterday in Berlin by an EU official.

Doesn't look like the Eurofamily is going to have great days ahead of it.


The Economist has more on this story....

Friday, March 05, 2010

Stark Follows Rangel to the Ethical Toxic Waste Dump. Corrupt Black Caucus Still Supports Rangel

Pete Stark is Charlie Rangel without self-control. One of his long-time aides told me that Charlie had fathered five children out of wedlock by five different mothers, but was doing the right thing by overseeing their lives as an over-the-horizon parent. Stark fits into a more usual Dem stereotype of all-out crook with anger, er, management issues.

Pelosi is doing her best to dumb down the House to her level of incompetence, keeping Harvard grad Jane Harman off the Chair of the Special Cte on Intelligence because Jane was smarter, better looking, and has a streak of independence called morality. Instead, the class-dunce Pelosi [aside from her highly-developed Medici genes] appoints an ESL moron from Texas with less seniority than Harman, but also dumber than Pelosi, a hard combination to find.

The CBC or Corrupt Black Caucus still supports Rangel, among other reasons because their life bios mirror his in the ethics department, where they are virtually unassailable as a bloc of thirty who will steal everything that isn't nailed down with impunity. I worked for William Clay, Sr., in St. Louis back in the day as a campaign organizer and found afterwards that the guy is a total crook. Ditto for his twenty-nine colleagues in the CBC.

I once leafletted Sander Levin's house back in 1968 while working in Ann Arbor for Gene McCarthy, and although the unions run Sander, he isn't personally corrupt like the CBC and Stark and others in the Dem squirearchy at the very top of the pile of shit comprising the Dem majority, soon to be diminished drastically.

FOOTNOTE: Ever notice that the Dems always pull out homey anecdotes like Louise Slaughter's false teeth and Tom Harkin's "farmer" named Smith from Buffalo Grove, IA? Harkin is a corrupt old liar, to be sure, but it turns out that for once a media hound actually looked into the "farmer's" pedigree, which happened to be that of a brother of one of Harkin's employees. The fossil has no shame and at least Jim Bunning did something on principle, which is a word not in Harkin's vocabulary.

Monday, March 01, 2010

Pelosi Does Laugh-Riot Stand-up in Front of Press on ObamaCare

"My cameltoe deserves an "A" for attractiveness, but you'll just have to take my word for it!

Nancy "I smile all the time" Pelosi is examined in an article in The Hill giving herself a pat on the back for messing up health care:

The public option, for example, has been stripped from the bill because Republicans were so adamantly against it, she said.

When asked to grade the past year, Pelosi said, "I think I get an A for effort."

Unaware of her dyslexic confusion, Nancy P. deserves an "I" for Incompetence. And the public option was stripped from the bill because a large minority of her own party were against it besides those mean nasty Republicans. This superannuated bimbo has been telling the country for almost a year that when "Americans see what the bill contains, they will be in favor..." but Queen Botox can't show America what's in the bill because there were no committee hearings where differences were aired out, no transparency whatsoever, and thankfully by the end of November, there will be no Female Speaker to disgrace the House of Representatives with specious captious spurious BS promulgated with a bunch of ethical moral lepers like Charlie Rangel and John Murtha [RIP] watching her back. The preposterous frozen smile will be ejected from the Speakership just as Dems who vote for an abortion-on-demand bill will be ejected from their office---voted out by angry taxpayers who don't want to mortgage the family health to room temp IQ Dems who practice nepotism by the planeload. But between now and then, the insufferable crone continues riding her broomstick on the compliant nets and unwatched cable shows like CNN & [P]MSNBC. Senator McCain is a voice of sanity among the pols on TV this Sunday:

"This bill was written by Dems, for Dems," he said. "What they try to do is peel off a couple of Republicans and call it bipartisan."

Doubts have circled this week that the House does not have the votes to pass the Democrats’ healthcare overhaul.
Centrist and anti-abortion lawmakers who have doubts about the cost of the president’s proposal and its support for the Senate’s abortion provisions have indicated that they are still not on board with the plan. Rep. Bart Stupak (D-Mich.), who attached an amendment to the House bill with strict prohibitions against federal funding for abortions, said this week that there are 15-20 lawmakers who are not on board with the current plan

Rep. Paul Ryan [R-Wis] thinks that only a dozen or so will refuse the weird old lady's pleas to include infanticide as a taxpayer-paid benefit to Americans who want to kill their children.

My guess is that the tricky old withered witch of the west will sneak a codicil demanding all health employees will be required to join the SEIU in one of those double-secret footnotes hidden in an amendment rushed through at the last minute. Then they can join CALPERS and remain Dem voters for life---or until California declares bankruptcy that the USG will refuse to cover.