Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Top Ten Countries Exhibiting Moral Cowardice: Hypocritical Saudis near the Top!

Liu Xiobo

China the so-called People's Republic thereof, has threatened or cajoled a number of cowardly criminal enterprises with membership in the UN, including a family-owned enterprise named Saudi Arabia. The Guardian has more on which countries are refusing to accept invitations to the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony for Liu Xiaobo, who remains in a Chinese jail for daring to speak out against official corruption and to call for more democracy.

In an additional irony, China is going to issue its own Peace Prize.
Organizers told CNN they will present the Confucius Peace Prize -- which comes with an award of $15,000 -- in Beijing to promote the ancient sage's philosophy, a day before the Nobel committee honors Liu in Oslo.
"China is a great nation that has been influenced by the Confucian concept of peace for a long time," said Tan Changliu, chairman of the awards committee. "We want to promote world peace from an Eastern perspective."
"Europe is full of small countries that had fought each other for centuries," he added. "We don't want to see people who don't understand peace to ruin the concept." [This clown must have had North Korea and its Peace-Loving Megalomaniac on his mind]!
Tan declined to give details about his group -- other than saying it is a non-government organization -- or how the five-judge awards committee operated.

Just to demonstrate its sincerity, the Committee nominate a couple of non-Asians, Mandela and world-class brown-nose suck-up Gates, the biggest fraud in the history of IT marketing.
His committee has released a vaguely worded statement on its criteria for choosing the winner, but announced this year's nominees included Nelson Mandela, Bill Gates and the Panchen Lama, a Tibetan Buddhist leader loyal to Beijing.
I wonder which collection of moral lepers on a par with Omar Qaddafi [whose name in Libyan Arabic slang means 'camel vomit'] will be attending the Chinese award ceremony. The Guardian:
It is unclear, officially, how China's stance has affected nations who have said they are not attending the award ceremony. But some have speculated that some nations are not attending the ceremony in an effort not to offend China or complicate business relationships it has with Beijing.
Russian officials have said they are not going to attend the ceremony because its ambassador has a previous commitment.
An official from the United Nations said the U.N. is not going to attend the ceremony, but said that is not unusual. The U.N. was not formally invited and usually does not attend the ceremony unless someone from the organization wins the award, the official said.
Despite the Nobel committee's announcement that Iraq will not show up at the ceremony, an official said that might not be true.
Labeed Abawi, Iraq's deputy foreign affairs minister, said officials had not yet decided if they would attend the ceremony.

Scum-suckers and bottom-feeders of the world, unite!

Behold here the celebration of the Chinese Peace Prize in Progress right now with Selected Proglodytes from around the world, captions inserted.

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